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FIFA 16 spurs compared to PES 2016. The impossible happened: the king of soccer games is overthrown.

Three magical turns

Leaving for a moment comparing PES, FIFA 16 is a revolution in the series. The most notable changes in Wiktionary are that you can now choose to play as one of the 12 international women’s teams. The launch of EA Sportss female squads are not limited to changes in the male team, with the lives of women and they are different. This leads to the game that isA little more mabagalat less physical, but more dynamic, unpredictable and exciting.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) improved FUT Draft: a great way to enjoy this way, without having to spend hours in front of a computer, creating your team. It offers a random seleksyonmga player for each position, which helps newcomers get FUT and offer a more accessible version of the agreements for those who are least interested in otAspekti management. You can run in four increasing difficulty to win gold. HereMicro transaksyonFUT be worse, it allows you to enjoy your systems without paying real money.

All other modes are enhanced with minor improvements. For example – race mode – you can put your creations into the pagsasanaymini browser through the game to improve your statistics.

“Magic Moments” FIFA 16 is the result of some calculations razrabotchitsiteV invited by EA Sports to define animation, images and physics. When you get one of those moments, they play the real game pakiramdamisang,What form he has left standing, holding his head in astonishment. The glasses are the maximum authority of FIFA and a place where I feel more. Add better than PES 2016.

More spectacular

With so many improvements, if bakitFIFA 16 is not maintained above football? The problem is in the game itself. One of the main examples of eChistata’s frustration to try to recover the ball. Regardless of the mechanics and tigringa, the best tactic is to simply wait for the attacker to make an omission error atCross,Instead of trying to treat.

The loss of profitability occurred: The automatic selection of players in the field is casual that never, sometimes not taking advantage of the players created and the ball seems magnetized in the hands of the goalkeeper.

PES2016 siliMozhete use tactics and teamwork, and reward you for your efforts. FIFA 16 is pleased to sacrifice the elements in favor and see the magic. When magic happens, it feels bloody. But when the same system led to seemingly random loss,His joy quickly turns into anger and hope.

What is the result if two games are comparable? Well, we prefer PES 2016 (at least once this console door Konamis PC offers the terrible one). It feels better and its effort ravnyavaKam tagumpay.FIFA 16, on the other hand, is undergoing a lack of control that comes from putting the style on the capacity.

What is FIFA bad? Nothing else. Immersion, what you create is good, with incredible behavior of the players to really feel natural, such as goalkeeperpindutinThe ball When the thriving small one happens, it is very surprising that it makes you feel like playing a real game.

Magic, variety and spontaneity

FIFA 16 EVSE still a great game SaSoccer female team was friendly, FIFA Ultimate Team Project offering easy access and “Magic Moments” is amazing. Thus, diversity, spontaneity and attendance, FIFA is perfect for you. Now EA Sports again to play, if they want to leave pagkakaibapagitan FIFA and PES. And I have all the faith that they are going.

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Autodesk DWG Trueview 32 x64 torrent

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Autodesk DWG Trueview 32

AutoCAD is a designer of software engineer of choice for many architects and construction professionals worldwide. However, the software’s strength is expensive and if you just need to look at the resulting file, Autodesk DWG TrueView will free software to eliminate the need for licensing fees.

See and share freeware file design

Autodesk DWG TrueView can easily navigate files and cost savings created by Design terdepanPerangkat software industry standardsEspecially AutoCAD Computer Assistance. The application is independent, which not only allows for faxes, but also makes accurate records, as well as tools for changing different options including swelling and shadow. Adapted files can be stored and shared in standard formats, including DWG. Buying individual licenses for CAD software funkciiCelosnotoyn can become very expensive fast, but Autodesk DWG Trueview provides a solution for those who only needTo review the files. And it requires any design function.

If you need to see your AutoCAD file

If your job means you need to see AutoCAD DWG files that produce DWX and DXFY format, Autodesk DWG Trueview offers an efficient way to do this license fee pay bezAutoCAD.

Autodesk DWG TrueView supports the following formats


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Scrabble zoozoo Windows XP/7/8/10 Torrent

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Scrabble famous board game with letters and strategy. This software brings hours of fun on your computer screen also gives some additional small features to enrich the whole experience.

Play a few games of the legendary screen word games

rytstsagetastrategy game that includes a random selection of tiles, each letter nivVidi. The real challenge is to place the letters to a word that is already in the game Each character has a meaning and a player network games and tile passtDas scores points by adding znachenneslova. The annexto the letter values, there are certain areas of the board, which rose as a result. B. triple assessment of a word or double and triple letter all help to ensure a higher rejting.Da play game screen gives you peravagashto you can play alone against the computer. A dictionary containingno need to look for a word, and, of course, your score is automatically calculated.

Fast and addictive word game

Scrabble is a great time killer, which makes the addictive hours. Potential for playback on your PKabo soPrijatel or against the system opens to get your fixin a word game possible at any time.

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PES 2017 Pro Download Torrent

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PES 2017 Pro

Reality 2017’s Controlling the final features of the PSE, but has it enough to overcome FIFA once and for all?

We have big changes

The biggest change in the PSE in 2017 compared to its previous one, the control feature called Reality. The new kontrolRealitas control system, which allows better player control (if they have a ball or not) is a striking name. This new implementation reinforces Pro Evolution Soccer backup for a football game to take on a remarkable FIFA glove jacket.

Physics also improve the ballHe has now moved into a much more natural and realistic field. If you want, you will have more control than ever. This climb will have a great effect on how to keep the ball and avoid the defense of seranganuntuk, as well as trying to get some pretty impressive goal.

In the previous version of the 2017 yagobolsh of the PSE, the fight is tougher and dirtier than it is before it is much more physical than .mempersiapkandi and you can forget quite a mild clean game. He has also been the keeper of artificial intelligenceThe use has been strengthened, which is rarely made mistakes, and it seemed very well known around the door, which makes it a bit more difficult for a goal.

In this itupengineering, artificial intelligence is generally adapted to the game, but you can change the tactics of defensive zavisimostiot tactics. AI will also go figure out how to act as a player and act accordingly.

Only demanding gamers

More control, realistic ball movement, game support and more advanced AI Cpemain, ProEvolution Soccer is a very strong and clear game in terms of realism. The fact is that everything is in the same game of the same GSE as in the PSE 2017 that is particularly gamers yangARENT worried scenery demanding geympleiabo license. Are you one of them?

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WPS Office 2016 Windows 7/8/10 download

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WPS Office 2016

Theres no doubt that Microsoft Word is on top of its game, offering excellent word processing services. The problem is that it is also a monopoly. People tend to forget that there are alternatives. Because so many companies and institutions use Word, you often feel compelled to follow the suit while you spend a lot of money. However, there are free alternatives out there such as WPS Office 2016 Free which can do a lot of the same.

word by word

WPSOffice2016 Free creates much of Microsoft’s Words environment, so it’s not much of a jump to try it out. There will be an inevitable time of customization as you try to find your usual settings and controls but the developers have done a good job of making this software intuitive in their own right. An outstanding feature is the ability to draw entire paragraphs and to change the form and formatting that you want in a fluid way,To fall. You can also open various document types by using tabs in the program. This software can open .docx, but can only save it as .doc.

A real alternative

WPSOffice 2016 Free is a viable alternative to Word for those with low budget, thanks to a fairly good set of features and compatibility. However, your time is limited to the free trial version. Useful as workaround, but less than permanent replacement.

If you are looking for aFree alternative to Microsoft Office, WPS Office 2016 Business is definitely a contender.

WPS Office 2016 Business provides a number of features for creating, viewing and editing personal and business documents. WPS Office Business is suitable for both personal and professional use, although the professional version provides additional features that meet the needs of business users.

Most importantly, WPS Office 2016 BusinessIs compatible with the latest Microsoft Office file formats, and can easily open, read, and write documents created with Microsoft Office. A variety of other formats. In addition, MicrosoftOffice also open Kingsoft Office files, so you can send and receive files between the two suites easily.

Built-in PDF converter

WPS Office2016 Business also includes a PDF converter that can store files such as Writer, Spreadsheets, and presentations in PDF format.Alternatively, you can convert Kingsoft Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentations to PDF files.

AutomaticSpell Check

WPS Office 2016 Business includes a built-in spelling check that works in real-time by marking the wrong words when they enter red. It also includes a limited thesaurus, which recommends words to improve your document.

Multiple document tabs

WPS Office 2016 Business also renders tools for switching between multiple document windowsWith tabs. The tab bar that appears above the edit area allows you to switch between the documents. Fast and convenient.


WPS Office 2016 business is in a notable little package at only 70MB, which is a fraction of the size of other office software. This means that it is also remarkably fast installed.

document encryption

You protect documents that you create in WPS Office 2016 with an encrypted password. Or you can write a documentWith a password in read-only format.

Overall, WPS Office Business is a powerful Office Suite for anyone looking for a more affordable alternative to Microsoft Office.

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Total Audio Converter 5 download torrent

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Total Audio Converter 5

Video Converter care for high post. This tool gives you a clear, easy-to-use interface where you can select the files that you want to convert to the target format, and then let the program and others.

You can choose between multiple formats, such as WAV, MP3, OGG, MP4, FLAC,APE and others, and also listen to 400 ripin computer.

This in itself is a very simple conversion process follows that all they do is step by step wizard included in the video converter. But it does not seem that the soul of the program is when ID3 tag-converting files.

AudioKonvertor conversionToolinstrumentum is the easiest to use support capabilities, and a bunch of audio formats come off the four hundredth

In addition to these formats, Video Converter Ultimate supports

Target formats WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, APE, FLAC, MP4, AAC and MPC

Converter is useful free software for Windows,Full love software that belongs to the class house distraction melody (streaming video action) media converter and fast.

Dose converter

Since the program was added to our catalog in 2013, it was possible to reach 2 million installations last week 100 downloads.

WindowsoperationalAn XP system that is available to users of the first version and is available in Latin, Spanish and French. In the updated version, and 5.2.2013.

The zaProgramata converter takes more space memory less than part of the home wants software. This is not widely usedIn India and Pakistan Indonesiae.

Video Converter supports these formats

– Video: AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG-4 AVC / H264, FLV, SWF, MOV, WMV, ASF, M2TS, MKV, WebM, VOB, 3GP, 3GPP2 and QT, SVQ; VCD, SVCD, DVD, RM, 505; Raw Video: VC3 / DNxHD, GIF

– Audio: MP2, MP3, AAC AC3, OGG, WAV, MPA, metal, WMA, AMR, IMF, AIFF, AU, CAF

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MEGASync 2.8 Update Torrent

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MEGASync 2.8

Cloud storage is a disgrace, but some offer integrated access to the internet and to make you download / manual switch to save the file. Enter MegaSync. Mega make them sync tool to synchronize files stored in the cloud on the local setiapjumlahdevice. All activities are completed, the local device and then automatically raised and maintained by a cloud.

Full of possibilities!

MegaSync includes all the standard features that users ochekuvaatVo softwaresinkronisasizasnavany on a cloud. If some of the folders should be excludedout of sync? Never mind. Do you want to exclude certain file types can not be synchronized? This tool has a choice. Just I want to synchronize a certain folder? duitanSync eyes selective to select the directory you want. With mega Service Cloud, you can even synchronize foldersfrom other users, as long as you are allowed to do so. contacts management and file with the file through izinbersamaMega Web interface. You can also instalirateSinhronizirajte tool on multiple computers and keep all your devices updated with the latest changes to the file. Mega providesto recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin sebagaiTerletak in the web interface and the ability to view the status of all of your files to sync. Suitable for small businesses, mega cloud storage can be used to replace expensive equipment on the server file space.


It pengaturansemudah: zrabitsrahunak the service Meg clouds Download tool, tool set, then adjust MegaSync folder you need to sync with Cloud Mega service. This tool does the rest. Settings available through ikonyang appear in the bottom panetasks, the program runs as a service that starts when the computer is turned on. The account information is stored securely, so that the program will automatically enter Cloud Service cloud without the need for user input. Sam pemakaiantarmuka and parametryekran installation instalacijataIIt is attractive and easy to understand. It is a tool that does its job simply and efficiently provide peace of mind.

reach the clouds

MegaSyncmemahami, that customers want to use cloud storage and facilitate the process. Using mega free account and cloud freetool to synchronize mega, users can replace all your important files in the cloud for backup, ease of use and cadangancadangan disaster. KoristenjeIntuitivnatasinhranizatsyi tools and tool menus in conjunction with the multifunctional web interface,users have more options to manage your files. Sign up for a free account Meg, Downloadalat synchronization and start syncing files today!

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The Escapists Cheeks portable Torrent Download

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The Escapists

Escapists are a simulator for “escape escape”. Get it: you always want the simulator to look like it.

Run: how you choose.

Ispastiki is like a prison architect, another prison game, but has more action. You are a prisoner in prison And you want to escape. To do this, you need to perform daily activities (so no suspect) and use your free time to prepare your escape.

If lookingYou’re in for a game that will not give you one hand, you will love escapists. You need to understand ItOs not to give you goals or tips to run away. You can negotiate with prison groups. Or steal guards’ uniforms. Or steal a tunnel. Or hide their instruments with The Escapists for their freedom of movement.

You have some time in the context. You have many prisons to choose from (with different onesLevel of difficulty). Despite the fact that prisons have limited space, they are full of details and Changes, which allow escape from them over and over in different ways.

The biggest contest of The Escapist is The hope. The free time to continue your plans is too much.

Beautiful retro aesthetics

Control controls the simplicity of its simplicity. Scouts use only a fewKeys or buttons, but you do not need your creativity to work or make your plans. I have other similar games that you can dehumanize because of initial investment management controls. Here in a few minutes you’re ready to leave.

At the graphic level, Escapists represent an 8-bit air viewGraphics. His music has a retro style with many “sound signals”. I can not imagine a better aesthetic than thatThis, as it reminds me of the classic game “La Abadia del Crimen.

Expect a big problem.

The Escapist is originalRoom, with lots of content and features, And won a simple set of managers, but still strong. Can you escape all the challenges in the game?

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